Mail Cracker 2017 (LATEST VERSION OF V1.6.7 )( guarantee 3years

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NOTICE THE LATEST VERSION OF  V1.6.7 MAIL CRACK IS NOW SUPPORTED ( yahoo hotmail gmail aol & all domain ) ETC


notice: the latest version has supported cracking emails from yahoo hotmail gmail aol ( all domain )
Here are the update details: more password, you can load unlimited passwords (added in v1.2) socks5 proxy, you can load a proxy list, if you did, the software will use one by one when it is scanning smtp. (added in v.1.3) customized test email, test email can contain result info (like server user pass) (added in v1.2)

Features & How to use:

1. Import an e-mail address list which includes as many as possible(you can get the e-mail addresses by other e-mail collector).

2. Set some commonly weak passwords, the password support #user#, #domain# etc. as variable (the software will auto generate the the pass string depend on the currently cracking mail).

3. Automatically obtain the part before ‘@’ and the full address as username, for example the cracking email is ‘[email protected]’, then the username can be ‘abc’ and ‘[email protected]’.

4. Automatically according to the e-mail address to get the mailbox’s SMTP server to support the top-level domain for three ways smtp. + Top-level domains, and mail. + Top-level domain (if email is [email protected] the server can be ‘’ ‘’ and ‘

5.Perfect support for multi-threaded working so that can crack very fast.

6. Once it cracked a smtp successfully, it can immediately send a message to the specified mailbox using the smtp just cracked to to test the smtp available or not, if it is not available, it will be directly discarded to ensure that the smtp in result list can certainly be used to send mail.

7. Cracking process will automatically save the results to a file, to prevent accidental shutdown or forget to save results.

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