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Fast Email Extractor 7,5

The Website Email Extractor is an apparatus made to Extract Email IDs from URLs of the websites. This software can Extract Email IDs in bulk without wasting time of the user. You can give it 1000s of URLs and Extract Email Addresses in bulk. The software is also furnished with filter which removes the inadequate data such as duplicate email addresses. Thus saving a lot of time.

The Web Email Extractor also gives choice to save the data in either .CSV format (Excel) or .TXT format (Notepad) which ever you like. Even the list of URLs which the user uses to search can also be saved for the future use. So the user can keep the list of data taken out and also the URLs from which you wanted to take out the data.

The Web Email Extractor has a unique of modifying the search of user. With the option ‘URL digg up to level’ the user can mark a limit to the search beyond that point the software will not search. This feature makes it unique in its field. It is also has adaptability to work in all versions of windows. Whether it is 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2007 and 2003 it will work in all of them with the same speed.

The Web Email Extractor is multi-tasking software which extracts out the data for you, saves it for you and can work in any way which ever you chose. The features present in the Web Email Extractor make it unique and best choice among users. Though it is an advanced software but it is really simple to use. The user has to make effort for commanding the software by clicking several options. In this era of technology this software can be useful to all level of all users whether it is a big organization or a single person.

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